Captain, to build a better world, sometimes means turning the old one down.

"Police boxes, tweed blazers and bow ties feel quite English, but I think that is one of his virtues, one of the strengths of ‘Doctor Who.’"


Would you rather have Tony Stark’s mustache or Thor’s abs?

Call my name and save me from the dark

Apart from your own character who do you love? Do you have a favorite?
My favorite is probably Jaime Lannister, because he’s like…You just don’t know what he’s gonna do and he’s so…he’s so complex, like, I love him, I think he’s brilliant. And Nikolaj plays him so well.

What the hell were you doing for the last year alone on that ship? im guessing it was one swashbuckling adventure after another; until you decided to  c o m e   b a  c k  and  save  me .

                                        e x a c t l y.

Harry Potter significant objects/milestones

i don’t care if you’re knocked up. i’ll cut your throat out.